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Our New Jersey shore is an intoxicating place-the scent of the sea in your hair, the taste of taffy on your  lips, the sound of Springsteen blasting from a boardwalk bar, the feel of a soft breeze as your ride the Ferris wheel, the view of the sun rising on the Atlantic. Yes, in October 2012, Superstorm Sandy walloped much of the coast from Sandy Hook to Cape May. But this is New Jersey, and not even the powerful and devastating Sandy can keep the shore towns from coming back. This is where people live and make their memories, and we are going to continue to do so.

Like the symbol of our chapter logo, the Barnegat Lighthouse or "Old Barney", with its ever searching bright light looking always to the future and what lies ahead, our chapter members use education, professionalism, skill and passion for advocacy to make a positive impact and truly make a difference in every life they touch...


As our nation’s healthcare system continues to change, so too do our methods for managing and delivering quality care.  Seamless, comprehensive and coordinated across different sites and multiple providers is what patient care needs to be! Case management has at its core patient coordination in the most cost-effective manner, filling gaps in care, providing assessment, planning and outcomes evaluation; and giving patients information to help them better handle their own care and to be able to stay at home and out of the hospital.  This care enhancement trifecta must include patient education, counseling and patient advocacy.


The one constant in this is the Case Manager.  Case Managers need to be creative, often independent, possess strong critical thinking and communication skills, and have the ability to work assertively, yet collaboratively, culturally effective, and compassionately, among a diverse group of individuals.


You will find just such a group at the New Jersey Chapter of the Case Management Society of America (CMSANJ).

Welcome to the New Jersey Chapter of CMSA


As an official casual greeting you may hear " how ya doin'?"  Welcome to the home of the McMansion, head around the jug handle, ask about where the chapter meets on the Garden State Parkway or New Jersey Turnpike Exit, get out your beach badge and get to know us!



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